Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Never Forgotten ~~The Journey~~


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Never Forgotten
~~The Journey~~

Forty nine year old Scott Thomas Meyers has just released his third book “Never Forgotten, The Journey” July 30, 2014 on amazon. He was born in Syracuse New York and now resides in New Hampshire where he is happily married and hopes to raise his family. After thirteen years of being an associate and youth pastor he found himself lost and questioning life and where he was supposed to be going in his own life. The one thing that kept him going was his faith and love in God. After many years of struggling with his inner self he decided to write about his life and what lead him to where he is now. Scott knew that God would lead him back to where he needed to be but first he had to redefine who he was.

Scott is also the author of two poetry books “Abstract Reality and Emerging from the Shadows” he also took part in a charity book called “Battered Shadows”. All proceeds for Battered Shadows go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Writing has always been Scott's way of expressing himself in the hopes of reaching others. He writes of his personal battles, and his wish is to touch others who are going through their own battles, effectively being a light to help people who are lost, as well as to encourage those who are not lost to keep pushing forward.

You can find all of Scott Thomas Meyers books here
You can find Battered Shadows here

You can contact Scott by calling 603-504-6175 or emailing scottandangel14@comcast.net

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