Thursday, February 20, 2014

D. C. Legendre

D. C. Legendre is a freelance writer and aspiring fundraiser and designer who lives in New England. Thunderstorms, fairytales, and castles are some of her favorite things, as well as uncovering the mysteries in life. She believes without a doubt that life is an endless journey of the heart.

D.C. Legendre is the Author of Red Nails and Clams in Cups: Legends of the Heart. Future releases - Faerie Tales from the Realm of Sunapee & Legends of Angels. Red Nails was released February the 14th of this year giving us just another taste of the great talent that she loves to share with her readers. 

If you have not checked out this author's work here is your chance to connect with her and meet the woman behind the newly talked about book "Red Nails". She would love to hear your feedback on her newly and previous releases. You are the lovely people that she pours her heart and soul out for with the tips of her fingers. Here is a peek into her new release "Red Nails".

It took her husband leaving to finally know the man she married... Red. It becomes the color that Hunter sees every day. After fifteen years of marriage her husband, Jon, leaves her and their life behind. Hunter is left with the revelation that only she can find out what happened to her fairytale marriage and her husband's obsession with red nails and blonde hair. One night Hunter discovers a clue on a credit card statement. She decides to create an online alter-ego to tempt Jon into a relationship steeped in fantasy, discovery, laughter, and tears. Intense innuendo becomes the basis of their communications and she learns more than she ever thought possible about her husband—and herself. Red Nails is a story of endings and new beginnings, and one of beautiful memories and hope for the future.

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