Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blue Harvest Creative

Creativity is not for everyone and most would just rather have someone else do the hard part while they sit back and wait for perfection to take place. Everyday Blue Harvest is finding new ideas and working toward being the one stop shop for all of your booking needs. With book covers down to a perfection they have moved on to creating some of the most beautiful headers and text dividers you can find. They have not stopped there though! With authors finding their own way to be published without the hassle of a publisher taking them for the ride of their life Blue Harvest has added much more to their list of can-dos. 

Their creativity does not stop, they can create just what the author wants and what fits their needs the most. From splashing out number one graphics to finding the beauty within the lines of every last page. An author grills themselves for those perfect words, the ones that describe their story to the fullest. Blue harvest creates the art that turns an authors idea into an best selling book of perfection.

It doesn't end there, an author is never done just because their words have found the perfect story line and book. We spend fifteen percent of our time writing, the other eighty five is in promoting and having the best of the best tools to promote ourselves and books with. Blue Harvest is always keeping up with the authors. The list goes on and on with what they can do for you, twitter pages, Facebook banners, bookmarks, magnets, cups, posters, business cards and anything else you could ever hope for. Do they ever stop? Nope because once the author is ready for that much awaited release day Blue Harvest Creative is right behind them promoting them and giving them more ideas on how to been seen, heard, found and in the end read! 

Did I forget to mention they also create book trailers? So hard to keep up sometimes!

Here are some links for you to follow, get to know this fast rising company by following them. Enjoy a few more examples of what they can do for you and please share your New Beginnings experience and the wonders of Blue Harvest Creative with all of your friends. x

Contact them at  248.982.9068 or

They also can match your e-book needs to the print copy

Must we say more? 

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