Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Year Death by author Bathsheba Dailey

Sometimes you try to put all negative thoughts aside but there is still that tight feeling way down in your gut that tells you all the strength in the world could never make what has always been vanish from your mind. Smiles reach your lips but never your eyes, a laugh that is shown but yet never felt. All you desire is the loneliness you so despise. If you are alone you cannot be hurt! If you are alone you only suffer at the hands of your own being, sometimes you punish yourself more than any other human could possibly attempt. You look out of your window into the deep valleys of life, wishing you could live in such peace as the roaming wildlife. You listen to the flow of the river hearing nothing but the silence of your questioning mind, answers follow through within that peace. You find understanding of who you are, wondering who you could have been if the pains of yesterday would spare tomorrows heartbreak.

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