Sunday, November 18, 2012

Selina Ahnert was born in 1983 and raised by her paternal grandparents, whom made a lasting impression on her. From a very early age, she has turned to art and writing as a way to express herself. Her earliest memories of those who inspired her to do so come from such figures as her paternal grandparents, mother, and father.

She used to watch her grandfather doodle on paper while he was on the phone, and she loved the designs and patterns he could come up with so easily. Her grandmother wanted to write a book and often shared what she wrote with her curious granddaughter. She also loved to watch her mother draw and color. When her father was in high school, he sculpted a caricature of a head and face that he named "Java Man". It was so weird and different that when she saw it, she immediately knew that being yourself through your work made you unique.

Selina grew up in Indiana among corn fields and woods. She has always had a love for nature, and at an early age, developed a love of fantasy. Her life has not been easy, by no means, but no matter what life has thrown at her, Selina has persevered and dreamed of sharing her creations and passions with others. Through writing and artwork, she has been able to achieve that dream.

Now, Selina resides among a host of various critters in the heart of Arkansas.
Among those critters are her two children, whom are her world.

Selina has many books she is working on to date and will be sharing her words with us in hopes enjoyment will be found through the crevices of her mind. On a personal note I have become fast friends with Selina and know that her work and family is what she breathes for when she wakes of the morning and hope all the best to a woman on the verge of success. Get to know Selina more by checking out the links below and take a look at her short story book and even if you do not buy it please leave a like behind so we know she is being thought of and best wishes for her are being given. 

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