Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lucas Valencio

21 year old Lucas Valencio is straight out of Brazil being the youngest artist I have ever seen with such creativeness and beauty through the digital art he creates. He is a freelance graphic designer and works for LS Studio. He can create anything you want with just the tell of the theme you ask for. He is also open to create book covers that will catch anyone's eyes. A young artist with so much more to show us and a long life ahead to become one of the most remembered graphic designers of all time.

                                      Here are just a few examples of Valencio's creativeness    

If you want to see more of this brilliant artist you are going to have to catch him at one of these links below. If you have the job he has the artistic means to create your dream come true artwork.

    Here is a taste of the book covers he provides for his clients and I received mine within 24 hours


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