Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sydney's song

Sometimes there is a story that needs to be heard, dreams untold that are wished to be felt and shared among souls of understanding. This freedom to be able to share stories of another's life brings us as human beings together in a more understanding luxury. For just a moment we can feel the author through the words that the let bleed from their pen as if they are only steps away from us. This is one of those stories and I hope you join me for just a moment looking more into the life of a determined woman of faith.

A look into Ia's life

I was born in the beautiful and remote, world’s widest tea plantation by Mount Kerinci in Sumatra where my dad was the plantation’s accountant, my mum a teacher. My dad died when I was 13, and I moved across the ocean.

I proceeded to be the busiest teen ever: playing drumband, tutoring maths, learning languages including English as the fifth language and, at 17, a teen magazine published my first fiction as a serial. Inundated by my fans’ letters, the publisher printed it as a book, which was subsequently bought by the Indonesian Department of Education for high-school libraries.

I used the proceeds to help fund my university studies, during which time I was active in aero-modelling, martial arts, mountaineering, speleology... and studied petroleum seismology among my music-playing friends. After my graduation I worked with French, Norwegian and American geophysical companies, besides being a volunteer translator.

In Sydney since 1995, I am a mum who does several kinds of volunteer work for the community, assesses manuscripts, and writes real-life socio-fiction. My husband, who suffers permanent partial brain damage, says I now sleep-talk in English.

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